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Have you ever dreamt of waking up from your bed in a fully air-conditioned room and when you step out, you find yourself in the middle of the sea with the warmth of the sun and beautiful sun rise just right in front of you, welcoming you?

It is definitely possible when you book through a yacht accommodation Singapore charter provider. Yachts are actually very easy to rent and can be a fantastic way to enjoy a weekend or add some adventure to your holiday vacation in Singapore. You can charter for a day or for an entire week and enjoy a long cruise. It is really all about what you want – as good yacht charter providers will strive to accommodate any individual’s needs.

About Yacht Accommodation

If you have never booked a charter yacht in Singapore (or anywhere before) there are a few things that you need to know. We have included all of the important details and facts so that you can make an informed decision when planning your Singapore yacht vacation.

There are mainly two types of yachts that customers can choose for yacht accommodation: sailing and motorised. Motorised yachts tend to be the favourite because they are like hotels that you drive on the water. With all of the accommodations and amenities you would expect in a high class hotel room, motor yachts are for vacationers who want to take it easy and enjoy a simple, relaxing time on the water. These yachts have beds and bathrooms on them so you can stay on the water for days at a time. More importantly, they are more reliable than sailing yachts as they are not affected by weather and can cruise more readily and faster to desired destinations.

Sail yachts, can also be extremely luxurious but they do come with certain quirks. For instance, when the wind is not cooperating, the sail style yacht may move unpredictably and be a challenge to control. Sudden changes in weather can dramatically impact your trip’s itinerary. Hence most cliental prefer the motor yacht to sail yacht. But sail yachts have their own advantages. They tend to be quieter during sail and can cruise for longer distance without stopover for fuel top up. Hence they are suitable for long voyage. Ultimately it is up to the client’s choice and preference.

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Experience of Crew

In addition to the type of yacht you want to rent, you also want to think about the other important details of your trip. Charter yachts require that you have experienced crews accompany you to assist in driving the yacht and make sure that you and your guests are comfortable. The experience that you have on your trip can greatly be impacted by the quality of the crews. You want to make sure that you have the right qualified professionals accompanying you who understand Singapore’s marine regulations well and surrounding water conditions so that you can have a peace of mind throughout the vacation. You will also want someone who is friendly enough to point out the different destinations and views along the way so that you can have better understanding of the places of visits.

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Food and Other Necessities

These also need to be taken into consideration and what you actually need to bring will vary depending on things like:

  • The length of your trip
  • Your personal preferences
  • The number of people coming on your trip
  • Your travel itinerary (where you plan to go)
  • As well as the age and preference of your guests

A good yacht charter can stock your ship with everything that you need and will gladly accommodate special requests. If there are any special needs that have to be met, your charter should be able to take care of these for you so that you are fully satisfied.

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About Us

Why Singapore Yacht Charter?

Singapore yacht Charter is a one stop solution for all your yachting needs. All our onboard crews have more than 10 years of yachting experience. They are all certified professions and well trained to be friendly and knowledgeable. We have wide range of yachts for selections and can customised to your individual needs. We strongly believe in not only satisfying customer’s needs but exceed their expectations. In fact, most of our customers, be it locals, expats or tourists, become our regulars after using our service.

When you book a charter yacht in Singapore for the first time or many times, don’t be shy about asking as many questions as you need to. Our goal is to make sure that our guests are happy and have a fantastic time. Any concerns you may have about traveling on a charter yacht we will be most happy to address. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We will gladly help to make your dream holiday a reality.