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Most people do not get to enjoy the beauty of sailing during their holiday season. Yacht Vacations seem to be a reserve for the rich only — some may think that way. This is especially true when we see countless number of celebrities from all over the world sharing images of their private yachts on media. Ask a couple of your friends about how they will spend their holidays and very few will tell you that they are considering sailing.

This is not to mean that only a few people desire to sail. They just have not been well exposed to what is on offer as far as yacht vacations are concerned. In addition, the few who have been on boats may not had the cruises they desired.

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Why Singapore Yacht Charter?

This is why it is important to consider Singapore Yacht Charter which promises you an unforgettable experience in the sea. The view of Singapore from the sea is breathtaking while the surrounding nature makes you feel elated. Cruises on our yachts also allow corporates to enjoy these exquisite experiences. Great team building games from our dedicated staffs ensure that your staffs will go back to work in an energised recharged condition and transform into more productive workforce — a sure improvement before boarding our boat.

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Friendly And Skilled Crews

Our friendly and skilled staffs have a personal touch that will make you and your family feel at home throughout the trip. Bring your kids along as they will enjoy the swimming and kayaking experiences. They will receive all the attention they demand. We have yachts with safety nets or lines around the borders — A safety feature for kids onboard. The delicacies will leave a lasting impression and you’ll be craving for more.

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Variety of Available Yachts

For those seeking to hire, a great variety of yachts are available for you to choose from. The SunRise (Lagoon 400), Le Tara (Alaska 45), XiaoLin (Power Catamaran), and Kingdom (53 Catamaran) are part of the fleet of yachts that you could hire from Singapore Yacht Charter for a private Asian sea experience. They come in different sizes to cater for different number of guests.

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Customised Service

Given the diverse nature of our previous clients we have sought to offer customised services. Better still you can have your own desires and we will gladly grant them. We are here to ensure that you have a great time. You won’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy our great offers. We will offer you the best deals openly stating the pricing structure. No hidden charges!

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Over the last couple of years we have offered exceptional services to our clients who have kept coming back and referring most of their families and friends to us. Numerous birthdays celebrations have been successfully organised on our boats. Couples have enjoyed amazing wedding anniversaries and some of them keep coming every year.

With every passing days, we seek to add more sails into our fleet and create new offers for our faithful clients to ensure that more people get to enjoy their time in the sea. Whether you will be with us for few hours, a day or a week, the cruising experience will be unparalleled. Do not wait any longer. Contact Us Now and make reservations on the coming holiday season for your loved ones.



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