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Have you ever dreamt of waking up from your bed in a fully air-conditioned room and when you step out, you find yourself in the middle of the sea with the warmth of the sun and beautiful sun rise just right in front of you, welcoming you?

It is definitely possible when you book through a yacht accommodation Singapore charter provider. Yachts are actually very easy to rent and can be a fantastic way to enjoy a weekend or add some adventure to your holiday vacation in Singapore. You can charter for a day or for an entire week and enjoy a long cruise. It is really all about what you want – as good yacht charter providers will strive to accommodate any individual’s needs.

About Yacht Accommodation

If you have never booked a charter yacht in Singapore (or anywhere before) there are a few things that you need to know. We have included all of the important details and facts so that you can make an informed decision when planning your Singapore yacht vacation.

There are mainly two types of yachts that customers can choose for yacht accommodation: sailing and motorised. Motorised yachts tend to be the favourite because they are like hotels that you drive on the water. With all of the accommodations and amenities you would expect in a high class hotel room, motor yachts are for vacationers who want to take it easy and enjoy a simple, relaxing time on the water. These yachts have beds and bathrooms on them so you can stay on the water for days at a time. More importantly, they are more reliable than sailing yachts as they are not affected by weather and can cruise more readily and faster to desired destinations.

Sail yachts, can also be extremely luxurious but they do come with certain quirks. For instance, when the wind is not cooperating, the sail style yacht may move unpredictably and be a challenge to control. Sudden changes in weather can dramatically impact your trip’s itinerary. Hence most cliental prefer the motor yacht to sail yacht. But sail yachts have their own advantages. They tend to be quieter during sail and can cruise for longer distance without stopover for fuel top up. Hence they are suitable for long voyage. Ultimately it is up to the client’s choice and preference.

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Experience of Crew

In addition to the type of yacht you want to rent, you also want to think about the other important details of your trip. Charter yachts require that you have experienced crews accompany you to assist in driving the yacht and make sure that you and your guests are comfortable. The experience that you have on your trip can greatly be impacted by the quality of the crews. You want to make sure that you have the right qualified professionals accompanying you who understand Singapore’s marine regulations well and surrounding water conditions so that you can have a peace of mind throughout the vacation. You will also want someone who is friendly enough to point out the different destinations and views along the way so that you can have better understanding of the places of visits.

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Food and Other Necessities

These also need to be taken into consideration and what you actually need to bring will vary depending on things like:

  • The length of your trip
  • Your personal preferences
  • The number of people coming on your trip
  • Your travel itinerary (where you plan to go)
  • As well as the age and preference of your guests

A good yacht charter can stock your ship with everything that you need and will gladly accommodate special requests. If there are any special needs that have to be met, your charter should be able to take care of these for you so that you are fully satisfied.


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What are the Yacht Cruising Activities?

There are many activities you can experience when cruising with a chartered yacht. For leisure individuals, couples or families, you can just cruise along Singapore’s coastline admiring the city skyline from a different perspective. You can also choose to dine on board with the yacht anchored at calm, quiet lagoon while watching the sun rise or sun set at the horizon.

For the sporty individuals, you can make use of the many amenities on board, eg. kayaks, fishing rods, floats, snorkelling gears, etc.

For the more adventurous guests, you can set course to explore the Southern Islands. Lazarus Island, Kusu and St. John’s Island are just a few minutes away from our embarkation place. There are beautiful lagoons for a refreshing swim, clear beautiful beaches to take strolls on and plenty of fishes to see or catch. You can do some sight seeing whilst visiting these islands for instance at Kusu Island, you will get to the religious shrines and the Chinese temple The Da Bo Gong Temple, where the Chinese god of prosperity and the goddess of mercy are housed. You can pray for your own good fortune whilst there.

Yacht Cruising

Singapore has one of the world’s busiest shipping port and has become one of the world’s favourite destinations for yachts and boats. Singaporeans love the water and so do the tourists who flock to the country every year. Hundreds of various yachts and boats which include motorboats, sailing catamarans, sailing boats, etc, that berthed at the 2 major marinas, One Degree 15 Marina and Marina at Keppel Bay, are testament to that. However, not everyone can own a boat. But anyone can experience what it feels like to be out in the water, in a luxurious yacht cruising from one destination to another by chartering a boat.

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Why Singapore Yacht Charter?

Singapore Yacht Charter has a fleet of yachts that are available for leisurely cruising around the Singapore water. You can charter a yacht for four hours or you can hire one for an extended period depending on your needs.

SunRise Yacht

Groups of up to 18 can charter our motorised sailing catamaran The SunRise Yacht. This yacht is decked with all the luxury amenities and technological features. Although packages are set for four hours, we cater to extended charter periods. This yacht has all the innovative, state of the art features that makes it almost sinful not to take it further into the open water for more than a day.

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Le Tara Yacht

Le Tara is a 45 ft length, 14 ft wide sailboat with a maximum capacity of 22 pax. It is berthed at Keppel Bay Marina with 2 fully air conditioned cabins – One is Twin Single bedded and the other is a Queen Bedded with En-Suite Bathroom. Hot and Cold water is available at washing basin and shower room with free drinking water provided. Jet ski and Sea Scooter rental is available at additional charge.

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Xiaolin Yacht

The Xiaolin is a 46 ft luxurious Power Motor Yacht with 21.5ft wide twin hulls that make it a very stable and superior motor boat than the usual single-hull boats. Its rental price is $1499 for up to 23 persons cruising for four hours on a weekday. Guests can bring their own food and drinks at no extra charge or make arrangements for hors d’oeuvres and drinks to be served on board.

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Kingdom Yacht

This is a 53 foot length catamaran yacht with a capacity to comfortably carry up to 35 passengers. It is fitted with the state of the art equipment, a fully equipped kitchen and a wine cellar. It is ideal for long cruises but is available for short four hour stints.

A four hours weekday cruise can cost a little under $600 whilst weekend cruises start from $799 for groups of 8 or less. If you find the price is too hefty, pls check with our friendly customer service for any offers or promotions available.

If you would like to see a different side of Singapore why not charter a yacht and cruise the waters in style. Contact Singapore Yacht Charter to plan your next vacation on a luxurious yacht.


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Yacht Dining Singapore

Are you looking for a romantic setting with your loved one over a sumptuous dinner, looking deeply into each other’s eyes whilst the sun sets and the stars come out to dazzle the night sky? You probably think that this can be done at a restaurant located near a seaside or beach. But what if the restaurant is crowded and noisy and thus spoilt the romantic mood you desired?And what if you can kick the romantic factor up a notch by having an exclusive candlelight dinner at sea with just you and your loved one on the dining table while someone serving the food? Such scene will surely make the occasion an extraordinary one and your loved one will never forget. This is only possible when you request yacht dining Singapore service provider — Singapore Yacht Charter.

Yacht Dining Option

Nothing is fancier than living the yacht life, but most people cannot afford to own their own yachts. Good news is you do not have to own a boat. Singapore Yacht Charter is here to give you the experience of a lifetime. From private and intimate occasions like a proposal or a wedding anniversary celebration to just a romantic dinner date, Singapore Yacht Charter offers a variety of dining options with the following menu:

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1BBQ Menu (No Pork, No Lard) 

(Minimum order for 10 persons)

Garlic Bread
Butter Corn in foil
Cheese Franks
Chicken Franks
Mixed Vegetable Skewers

Chicken 2-joint Mid-Wings Signature Marinade
Southern BBQ Sirlon Steak
Herb Rosemary Lamb Chops
Korean Style BBQ Chicken (Dak Gogi)
Chicken Kebab
Raw Chicken Satay with sauce

Raw Chicken Satay with Sauce
Chicken Kebab

Sambal (Squid) Sotong in Foil
Sambal Stingray in Foil
Market Fresh Sea Prawns Medium
Garlic Butter Clams

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2. Buffet Menu A
(No Pork, No Lard)

(Minimum order for 10 persons)


Confit of Garden Tomatoes with Olive Oil and Fresh Herbs
Caesar Salad (Romaine Lettuce, Crouton, Parmesan Cheese and Dressing)

Oven-Roasted Snapper with Ratatouille
Honey and Orange-Glazed Chicken Ham
Seafood with Celery in Lychee Ginger Sauce
Stir-Fried Ee Fu Noodles with Mushrooms
Seasonal Buttered Vegetables


Tropical Fresh Fruits Platter
Mango Pudding in Shooter

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3. Buffet Menu B
(No Pork, No Lard)

(Minimum order for 10 persons)

Tiger Prawn Bonaventure (Raspberry Vinaigrette with Mango) Semi-Dried Tomatoes with Herbs

Pan-Fried Snapper Fillet with Creole Sauce
Black Pepper Beef with Shiitake Mushroom
Grilled Marinated Chicken Thigh with Roasted Potatoes
Stir-Fried Chinese Vegetables
Fragrant Seafood Fried Rice

Tropical Fresh Fruits Platter
Assorted French Pastries


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Deep Sea Fishing

About 72 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. Salt water makes up most of that — as much as 97 percent! It makes up the oceans, and the seas, most of which connect to them. Much of the oceans are fished, though mostly by commercial fishermen. Many fishermen or anglers own or rent boats for their own fishing trips, while others can fish along the coastline, at pier, jetty or even reservoir. In Singapore, there are deep sea fishing trips organised by some boat owners at regular intervals, either weekly or fortnightly. These boats will supply you with rods, reels, and bait. You will be fishing with a lot of other people and it could be crowded. If you do not want to fish on a crowded boat, you can fish from a charter boat. However, these private boats or yachts are usually more expensive to use.

Benefits of Yacht Fishing

First thing first, you can fish with whomever you choose or even by yourself. Hence there will be no issue with trying to get along well with other strangers.

Secondly, you can fish whenever and wherever you want with chartered yacht fishing. Those fishing trips organised by fishing boat’s owners are normally on weekends or public holidays so as to accommodate the workdays of the majority and they will normally go to the more popular fishing spots in Singapore. Hence these places may get a bit crowded during the weekends and may affect the chances of you getting the fish. This will not be an issue if you charter a yacht.

Thirdly, the facilities onboard yacht are much better than most fishing boats. There are cabins with beds and attached toilets provided — a much convenience option especially if there are ladies onboard. They are usually better maintained — some as good as new and suited for water sport activities as well.

Lastly, deep sea fishing onboard luxury yacht will make you feel more ATAS (high class in Singlish). Their higher motor performance will make the cruise faster and make your fishing day tour a memorable one.

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Why Singapore Yacht Charter?

Singapore Yacht Charter has a wide range of luxury catamaran yachts and boats available for charters. All our yachts are well maintained and keep in showcase condition. The equipments used are state-of-the-art and our captains and crews are all experienced, friendly and helpful. We will recommend you the best yacht based on your number of guests, required activities, and budgets. We can customise to your every needs. Be it private events like fishing trip, birthday party, wedding solemnisation, wedding shoots, family weekend getaways, or corporate events like product launch, meetings, company retreats, and dinner & dance, we can arrange and coordinate with our events management partners with ease.

With years of yacht rental and events coordination experience, we have many happy customers who become our regulars and they will refer their friends and families to our service. Contact Us now and our friendly sales representative will be most happy to assist you.

Island Hopping

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Island Hopping Singapore

Have you been trying to find an Island Hopping Singapore yacht service provider but you can’t seem to find a suitable one? If yes, worry no more. At Singapore Yacht Charter, we’re the answer to your search.

We offer customised island hopping yacht charter services within Singapore water. We own several fleets of yachts and cruises. These will take you on an unforgettable sail across the Southern islands. Expect nothing but a magical and sensational experience aboard any of these.

Our Cruise Destinations

Singapore is endowed with several beautiful and sun-kissed islands. You can book a sail and get to see a few or more of them. Our cruises make stopovers at nearly all the islands. All you need to do is grab your bathing suit and beach glasses then hop onboard. But some of the islands required permits in order to board the islands. So do make sure you have obtained these permits before charter yachts from us.

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St John’s Island

If you’re looking for a serene getaway away from the city, you can start off with a cruise to St John’s Island. Complete with white sand beaches and radiant blue waters, St John’s Island is an excellent marine getaway. While here, you can spend your day dipping in the cool waters or trekking along the pristine beaches. You can also just soak in the sun while admiring the lush green forest surrounding the island. The island has executive bungalows where you can stay the night.

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Lazarus Island

Another island to explore in Singapore is Lazarus Island. This is a small island located just next to St John’s. It is sometimes referred to as the Secret Island, this is owing to its largely hidden location. Not many people are aware of its existence to begin with. Away from everything, the island is a perfect definition of picturesque. A stretching sandy shoreline, nestling waters, a nearby forest, what more can you ask for on a sunny afternoon?

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Pulau Hantu

Aside from the two islands above, you can also try Pulau Hantu. Spanning a distance of 12 hectares, Pulau Hantu is located off the Straits of Singapore. It’s actually a combination of two islets namely Hantu Besar and Hantu Kecil. A visit to this legendary island will offer you an ideal opportunity to unwind. You can just relax and enjoy the moistened sea breeze as you sun bathe. If you’re however up for some adventures, you can enjoy a great swim or take a deep dive to see the bedazzling reef underneath. Snorkeling is indeed a key activity on this island.

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Other Islands

There are also many other islands you can sail to within the southern waters. These include Kusu Island, Pulau Ubin, Sisters’ Island, and Pulau Sudong among others. You can just take a stroll on these islands with your loved ones to enjoy the serenity or explore and uncover the secrets in them. Book a yacht tour with us and you can get to hop from one off to the next.

Why Singapore Yacht Charter?

We provide one of a kind yacht sails. Our yachts are posh and elegantly styled to give you a royalty feel while on board. Our onboard dining too is one worth your every dollar note. Expect yummy dishes prepared by chef connoisseurs and served alongside exotic wines. What more, you will get to enjoy all these as soft and lulling music plays in background.

Our yacht journeys are lively — While not taking in the taste and glamor inside the cruise, you can step outside and savour the magical view of the sea from the deck. We can sail along lines of sight so that you can admire our city skyline from a different perspective. Our boats cruise at a steady speed at par with the warm trade winds so that you will not get seasick so easily.

In summary, the reasons why you should select Singapore Yacht Charter are:

1. Services which are customized to fit you.
2. Spacious and comfy cruises.
3. Manageable yacht charter prices.
4. A wide variety of yachts and boats to choose from.

Would you love an Island Hopping Singapore trip aboard one of our luxury yachts? If yes, give us a call today and let’s begin the hopping!

Water Activities

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The most common ones are swimming, kayaking, scuba diving and snorkelling. You can also consider to play with floats, jet ski and sea scooter although they may be chargeable and subject to availability. Best part with yacht chartering is you can choose where you want to perform these water activities. You may want to select a seclude place where nobody is around so that you can make as much noise as you want without worrying of disturbing others or you can just do it nakedly to get a good body tan? The choice is really up to you!

Why Singapore Yacht Charter?

In fact, you can do whatever yacht activities you can think of since the yacht is considered yours exclusively during the chartering. But it is important who you charter the yacht from. Singapore Yacht Charter is one of the top yacht chartering service provider in Singapore. Our friendly crews have decade of yachting experience who will accompany you throughout the chartering journey. Safety will be our utmost priority. We have wide selection of yachts and can customised to your every needs as far as possible. We also offer the most affordable price in the market ensuring nobody is deprived of a yachting experience. Just inform our friendly customer service your budget and we will try our best to match it. Contact Us for a non-obligation enquiry now.

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About Us

Why Singapore Yacht Charter?

Singapore yacht Charter is a one stop solution for all your yachting needs. All our onboard crews have more than 10 years of yachting experience. They are all certified professions and well trained to be friendly and knowledgeable. We have wide range of yachts for selections and can customised to your individual needs. We strongly believe in not only satisfying customer’s needs but exceed their expectations. In fact, most of our customers, be it locals, expats or tourists, become our regulars after using our service.

When you book a charter yacht in Singapore for the first time or many times, don’t be shy about asking as many questions as you need to. Our goal is to make sure that our guests are happy and have a fantastic time. Any concerns you may have about traveling on a charter yacht we will be most happy to address. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We will gladly help to make your dream holiday a reality.