57ft 3-Deck Monohull (2008) | 36 Guests Max | One15 Marina (Sentosa Cove)

SGD 1200

Sardinia Yacht Charter

Sardinia Yacht Charter is named after the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It promises the truly unique experience of a cruise & island getaway that people often imagine with the Mediterranean Sea.

At 57ft and 3 deck high, Sardinia has plenty of space ideal for large groups and parties as it is capable of carrying up to 36 passengers comfortably with 1 captain & 1 crew.

Onboard Facilities:
– Cabin with bed
– Washroom / Shower room
– BBQ Pit
– Microwave
– Full Height Fridge with Freezer
– TV & Bluetooth Speaker

  • SoHo Yatch Standup Paddle Board (SUP)
  • SoHo Yatch BBQ Pit
  • SoHo Yatch Bluetooth speaker
  • SoHo Yatch Microwave
  • SoHo Yatch Cooler box
4 Hours Weekday Cruise


$ 1200
  • Up to 10 pax.
  • Time Slot : Any 4 Hours between 8am to 10:30pm subjected to availability.
  • Free use of 2x Standup Paddle and Bluetooth Speaker.
  • Free to bring your own food and drinks onboard with no extra charge.
4 Hours Weekend Cruise


$ 1500
  • Up to 10 pax.
  • Time Slot : Any 4 Hours between 8am to 10:30pm subjected to availability.
  • Free use of 2x Standup Paddle and Bluetooth Speaker.
  • Free to bring your own food and drinks onboard with no extra charge.
  • Meet at Sentosa Cove Village-7-Eleven store, 15min before the trip.
  • Depart from One-Degree-15 Marina, Sentosa and cruise towards the beautiful Southern Islands.
  • Anchor at beach-side or berth at Jetty-side of Lazarus Island for alighting and pick up only.
    (Do note that we can only cruise to either location; the yacht will not shift location once anchored or berthed else additional
    $75 being fuel surcharge will be imposed)
  • Enjoy water activities eg. paddling, swimming, etc.
  • Explore the Lazarus Island and St. John Island (connected by a link bridge)
  • Relax at the pristine Lazarus beach (walking distance from Jetty)
  • Stay on the boat and enjoy food and drinks (Bring your own or cater from us)
  • Return to marina.


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  1. Bring your own drinks & food as well as disposable cutlery (eg. plates, forks, spoons, cups, etc) UNLESS you cater from us but subjected to prevailing regulation.
  2. Bring your own BBQ accessories (eg. tongs, skewers, brush, etc) if you want to use the BBQ pit.
  3. Party poppers, flower pedal, confetti, balloons, heavy duty tapes, scotch tapes, nails, staples are not allowed onboard.
  4. If bringing young children, kindly keep them under tight watch for their own safety.
  5. Bring your own ice to chill your drinks! Can be bought at the cold storage at the marina, subject to availability or cater from us.
  6. Bring your own towels & toiletries.
  7. Red wine and coconut based drinks are NOT allowed onboard as it will stain the floor if spilled.
  8. No kayaks, paddle boards or floats will be provided or allowed for charter starting from 5.30pm and no water activities or swimming are allowed after 7pm.
  9. No cooking allowed onboard. Microwave can be used for heating food but you have to bring microwaveable containers.
  10. We only have a mini fridge, so if you are bringing birthday cake do not exceed 1kg in size if you want to keep it in the fridge.
  11. We only have life jackets for children from 5 years old onwards only. If you have babies n have much younger kids of below 5 years of age please arrange your own jackets.
  12. No need to bring passport.
  13. No pets allowed.

In case of rain before the charter, trip may be postponed for up to 30 minutes if possible; If bad weather persists, guests will be able to reschedule at their convenience at the sole discretion of the skipper; no refunds for cancellations. If it’s light rain we will still go ahead with the charter.

Kindly arrive at the marina regardless of weather condition/forecast unless informed otherwise.


As we would be holding the slot for you and turning down other potential customers, you won’t be able to cancel after you book.

Reschedule Policy
  1. For changes made 14 days or more before charter day, the booking can be rescheduled to another date within 2 months from original booking.
  2. For changes made less than 14 days before charter day, 100% charter fee will be charged.
  3. Postponement is allowed subjected to terms & conditions and availability.
  4. Changes to date and/or time after booking will incur reschedule fee.


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