Yacht Wedding Singapore

Yacht Wedding Singapore

Would love to have a yacht wedding in Singapore? Have you been trying to find a suitable yacht charter service but are yet to succeed? If yes, how about saying goodbye to your tedious search and turning to us for help?

Yacht Wedding Singapore | Singapore Yacht Charter

Why Singapore Yacht Charter?


Singapore Yacht Charter is a one stop platform for all your yacht wedding needs. Our team comprises of very dedicated and experienced yacht wedding planners and organisers. We will go all out to help you have an unforgettable waterside wedding. You can never go wrong by choosing us.

We are widely experienced in yacht wedding planning and execution for over 10 years. During this duration, we have been able to organise countless numbers of yacht weddings. Not only that, these weddings have been a massive success. We’ve received numerous Thank You notes from clients thanking us for making their big day forever memorable. Our list of past clients includes various celebrities and other notable figures.

We are inspired to venture into yacht charter services out of the need to create something different. Our founders decided to start our company after one of them went through the agony of a lacklustre yacht wedding. Being that we were inspired by something so personal, you can surely expect to find something different and special with us.

Yacht Wedding Singapore | Singapore Yacht Charter

Our Services


Our services cover everything about wedding. Right from wedding proposals to wedding solemnisation, and honeymoon, we’ve got ideal yacht charter packages.

We offer our clients exquisite and personalised yacht wedding services. Our luxurious yachts are tastefully decorated following to your theme to give you and your guests a colourful experience on your important day. Our team of decorators and florists will work round the clock to transform the already posh yacht into an even tantalising paradise. Aside from the elegant decoration, our catering service is also one of a kind. You can expect to be treated to some dining extraordinaire.

To add to everything else, we also get your wedding entertainment needs in check. We offer carefully selected music and even wedding bands and operas at your request. We have a team of knowledgeable DJs and MCs who are totally dedicated to ensuring that the entertainment aspect of your wedding is successfully catered for.

What more can you ask for? Imagine exchanging your vows in the romantic ambience of a yacht, surrounding by tranquil and breathtaking blue waters, an opera softly playing in the background? It is for sure magical.

Yacht Wedding Singapore | Singapore Yacht Charter

Benefits of Choosing Us


Aside from the rare sort of luxury that our yacht services offer you, there are plenty of other reasons to choose our yacht wedding charter. We first of all have a wide array of yachts to cater for your individual needs. We have different sized and different styled yachts and boats. You can arrange to have the one that best suits you.

Secondly, we offer customised yacht wedding packages. We can arrange for you to have a yacht wedding that reflects your personal taste and preference. We have a number of themes to choose from. This can always be modified in whichever way to give you the kind of wedding you desire. Furthermore, we’re also always looking for new ways to improve our yacht charter services.

Other benefits of our yacht services include tenable net prices and excellent customer care among many more.

Would you like to sail away from the land and have your wedding right inside the serenity of the ocean? If yes, do not hesitate to give us a call today. We are indeed your go to yacht wedding Singapore service provider. We will be honoured to partner with you.

Our Happy Customers

Happy Customer | Adam Monaghan | Singapore Yacht Charter

Adam Monaghan

I celebrated my 30th Birthday through Singapore Yacht Charter and it was one of the best days I've had in Singapore. Sam was incredibly helpful and accommodating to all my requests on the lead up to the day of the trip and the staff on-board were fantastic and friendly. I can't recommend them highly enough

Happy Customer | Shahul Hameed | Mediacorp Singapore | Singapore Yacht Charter

Shahul Hameed

We engaged Singapore Yacht Charter for our documentary filming about Singapore Maritime coming on ChannelNewsAsia in 2018. We used the HomeAway boat as our crew boat to follow the presenter's yacht. I was very impressed with the captain's knowledge of the sea. He brought us to various points out in the sea where we can get good aerial shots of Singapore Skyline; The Craft was quick and comfortable too. Overall we had, a fulfilling day at work. Thank you, guys!


Happy Customer | Sebastien Hampartzoumian | Singapore Yacht Charter

Sebastien Hampartzoumian

It was great, all my family enjoyed it. Nice crew, perfect weather, all good!


How To Rent A Yacht For A Day?

All of our yachts can be booked for one whole day but subjected to availability. Just put up your request in our Enquiry Form and we will get back to you within two working days.

What are my payment options?

We accept payment via cheque, bank transfer, secure online payments via credit card (Visa or MasterCard) and PayPal.

Can I bring my own food and drinks onboard?

Yes you may. In fact we do not impose footage charge in most cases. Kindly enquiry with us to find out more.

How about wine? Can I bring them onboard? Any corkage charge?

Yes you may. In fact we do not impose corkage charge in most cases. Kindly enquiry with us to find out more.

What happen if it rains on the chartering day?

If it's light rain we will still go ahead with the charter. But in case of rain with thunder before the charter, trip will be postponed for up to 30 minutes. If bad weather persists, guests will be able to reschedule at their convenience subject to availability. The reschedule date must be within 1 month from 1st booking; thereafter it will expire. No refunds for cancellations. In worst case, if it rains with thunder when out shore, the captain has the final rights to cut short the chartering time for safety reason. No postpone is allowed and no refund for unused hours in such case.

Can I choose my own chartering time?

Yes you may but subject to availability. However we need to impose additional charge in most cases because it affects other time slots. This applies to extension of chartering hours too.Kindly enquiry with us to find out more. 

What facilities are available on board?

On board facilities vary depending on which yacht you are referring. You may refer to the individual yacht webpage under Our Fleet to find out more.

Is there mobile phone coverage while onboard the yacht?

It depends on the signal coverage of your Telco. Basically you should still be able to use your mobile as long as we are within Singapore's water.

Can I charge my mobile while onboard the yacht?

Definitely! We have ample power points on board our yachts for you and your guests.

Is there any age restriction to be onboard the yacht?

We do not impose any age restriction on board. However we recommend age below four years old to be supervised by adults at all times for safety reason.

Are pregnant ladies allowed on board?

We have no restriction for pregnant ladies to join us on board. 

Are there life jackets on board?

Yes we do. In fact this is required under local marine regulation for all registered boats and yachts to cater sufficient life jackets for all passengers and crews onboard for emergency purpose.

Do I need to bring passport?

It is not required as we are travelling within Singapore water. But we will recommend to bring along, if possible, in case the coast guards need to check.

I'm worry that I may get sea-sick while on board. What should I do?

We recommend to bring along some sea-sickness medication as we do not provide this on the yacht.

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